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In the framework of our Logging-Service we perform the classical Formation-Logging Service for the continuous geological maintenance, documentation and storage of the drilled geological formations.

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The recording of the drilled geological formations is essentially based on cuttings and on recovered cores. A drilling fluid gas monitoring service and a drilling progress measurement device (ROP) are deployed if required. If a further on-site processing is required, our Drilling-Monitoring-System with extensive software is available.


Mudogging Service (Surface Logging Service)

Depth corrected or lagged sample recovery, sample preparation and processing, the lithological analysis and the stratigraphic field definition of the samples are the basis of the documentation of the results.


The samples are prepared, labelled, either unwashed (in plastic sample bags) or processed (dry samples in glass sample tubes or paper envelopes) and stored.



Further possible tests:

  • for shows of oil by the use of UV light
  • automated electronically analysis of the calcite/dolomite ratio (see GEOCalcit™)
  • electronical determination of the cutting/shale density
  • Handheld Spectral Core Gamma
  • Potassium monitor 

  • Core handling: description, photographic documentation (reflected and transmitted light e.g. salt cores), core sample preparation (e.g. waxing), logistics 
  • Continuous graphical documentation in the form of a mud-log (SamplerLog/LithoLog) 
  • Creation and transmission of reports by E-Mail or other means to the client and the clients’ offices. 
  • Immediate reporting of geological and drilling technical irregularities and their documentation. 
  • Separation, preparation and storage of sample material for further laboratory analysis according to the instructions of the client.
  • Competent core retrieval, cleaning and oriented storage in core boxes including complete labeling and description. 
  • Photographic documentation of the core runs in reflected and transmitted light: classic or digital. Development, reproduction and storage according to the instructions of the client.

GEO-data, Gesellschaft für Logging Service mbH


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Managing Directors: H. Christofzik, Dr. P. Görgen, B. A. Nadolny

GEO-data, Dienstleistungsgesellschaft für Geologie, Hydrogeologie und Umweltanalytik mbH


Carl-Zeiss-Str. 2, 30827 Garbsen, Germany

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